Unit 13

School, Teachers & Parents vs. Bullying

Bullying and Cyberbullying

Unit Summary

School is a place that naturally fosters the creation of conflict situations between children. Nowhere else are there so many young people staying together for such a long time. That is why it is so important for the school to become a safe environment, free of violence. How do we achieve this? A few examples of effective actions are, setting clear rules for behavior, educational campaigns among students and teachers, responding to every incident of bullying, and a ready plan of intervention once it has happened.

Additional Article

The fight against bullying was started years ago by many countries and numerous people. In some cases, regulations were provided via national law (Scandinavian countries lead here), elsewhere there are actions organized by individual people. It is always worth taking a look at how others deal with the problem of aggression in young people.

Effective Anti-Bullying Programs
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As parents, we should pay special attention to how the school cares for the safety of our children. What do you do, however, if you do not know where to start? This worksheet will help you check if the school provides at least minimum attention to the problem of violence among students, and thus cares for their peaceful education.

Safety at School Survey