Unit 11

My Child Might Be a Bully

Bullying and Cyberbullying

Unit Summary

Would you ever think that your child could use violence against other children? And yet it is not so unlikely - where there are victims, there must be perpetrators. The point is not to assume that the problem will solve itself. Just like in the case of bullying victims, the perpetrators should be approached with great delicacy, with an aim at solving the problem rather than punishing the culprit.

Additional Articles

There may be many reasons why a child begins to use aggression. Sometimes the beginnings of this aggression can be invisible to parents and teachers. Getting to the bottom of the problem is one of the most important stages in diagnosing what is really happening with your child.

What is Your Problem, Son?
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At any stage, when working with a child, it is normal to ask for a professional psychologist’s or psychotherapist’s help. Their professional knowledge will certainly help in diagnosing the basis of the problem, and often you will receive a psychological profile of the child as a summary of the work.

Aggressive Child Diagnosis
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Although everyone often sees the matter in their own way, it is not uncommon for problems with the child's behavior to have no grounds in their family life or upbringing. Aggressors occur in both pathological families as well as those where a lot of work is put into raising a child.

Not Always Troubled Family
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Young people easily come to pigeonhole others based on individual behaviors, especially negative ones. That's why one event can cause a child to be remembered for a long time as a bully and aggressor, even when he does not feel that way at all and may not even deserve this label in the greater picture.

Vicious Circle of Actions and Reactions