Unit 09

Consequences of Bullying

Bullying and Cyberbullying

Unit Summary

It's hard to believe how many problems are caused by acts of bullying that were not stopped in time. Victims of this unpleasant practice suffer in many different ways, from emotional problems associated with lack of acceptance in a group of peers, to constant fear of being humiliated, to health problems such as diarrhea or various forms of pain. When we add educational and social problems (such as the inability to establish closer relationships), the picture becomes even gloomier.

Additional Article

As you know by now, bullying is not a simple issue, and the suffering associated with it affects all parties involved in the conflict. It is worth finding out what dangers the perpetrators, victims, and witnesses of violence are exposed to.

How the Perpetrators, Victims, Witnesses Suffer
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Have you ever wondered how to recognize if your child has been a victim of violence? With this worksheet, you can conduct a preliminary investigation that will help you decide how to proceed with your child.

Recognition of Signs of Violence