Unit 07

Bullies and Cyberbullies

Bullying and Cyberbullying

Unit Summary

How can an otherwise normal kid become a bully that hurts other children? Here we discuss the other side of the coin, exploring what makes a seemingly normal kid become a bully. You will learn to see the signs in your child’s behavior that could lead to them being aggressive towards other children and we explore the various ways parents, family, school, and other surroundings can affect a child in a way that causes them to become a bully. We also get back to our ongoing case study to discover how our victim’s bullies became who and what they are.

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One of the most difficult tasks you will have is convincing your child that his or her actions, which they think are all in good fun, can be a source of great suffering for other people. This section will show you how to clearly explain things to the child.

What to Do When Your Child Uses Violence?
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Even if you only have a trace of suspicion that your child may have been the perpetrator of violence, starting a conversation with them about this subject can be very difficult. This worksheet will help you get that conversation started.

How to Start a Conversation About Bullying?

While working with your child, don’t forget that they are just a piece in a larger puzzle, so teachers and other parents should be involved as well. Thanks to this worksheet, you will be able to plan activities that will include all the necessary people involved in the case.

Cooperating with the School and Other Parents


The quiz is not mandatory. The questions are for you to check whether you have fully understood the subject and can use the knowledge in practice. Good luck!
Read the following questions and answer them the way you think is correct

According to you, which of the boys described below has a greater chance of becoming the culprit of violence and cyber violence in his school?

Question 1

David is being brought up by his parents for whom good contact with their son is really important. They care about all the facets of their relationship with him, not only his upbringing or education, but spending time together as well. David repairs cars with his father very often. They share many interests. David considers his father to be an authority with whom he can talk about everything. He has a warm relationship with his mother as well and is not afraid of telling her about all his problems as there is a rule of talking about everything in the house.

Has David become the aggressor?

Question 2

Matthew is a very outgoing person. He has a lot of energy, needs a lot of movement to feel healthy and happy. He talks about everyday things at home but he never shares any important problems with his parents as he feels that he would be judged and criticized. The family always has meals together at home. When Matthew was late one day, his father slapped him in the face, saying that he had showed a lack of respect for the family. His parents do not talk with each other much as the father is the one that decides about everything and it is not possible to discuss other options with him. After Matthew had been beaten by a friend once, his father ridiculed him and said that he is a wimp if he cannot defend himself.

Has Matthew become the aggressor?